2021 Summit Safety Guidelines

The Future of Healthcare Summit is a new and innovative technology-driven event brought to by medical professionals that truly understand what it’s like to operate busy healthcare facilities.  As healthcare leaders, we are highly attuned to the impact COVID-19 is having on the world, our industry and on what is normal in our professional and personal lives.

This year, we will be hosting the summit in a way that considers and puts into action all best practices to ensure it’s as safe of an experience as possible. The following document outlines the efforts being made. We ask that each of you review this documentation. We would welcome your feedback if you think we should incorporate additional considerations.


We will be requiring all participating members to abide by the following policies:

  • Attestations. We will require that each participant attest to their absence of symptoms daily.
  • Face coverings. We will require that face coverings be worn during Summit events. No exceptions.
  • Social distancing. We will require that state, local, and on-site social distancing guidelines be
    followed during Summit events.



Arthrex is committed to the health and well-being of its guests and has implemented stringent COVID-19 precautionary systems and practices to help ensure all who enter our facilities experience the safest environment possible.

Preventative Measures in Effect:

  • Multiple Synexis® Microbial Reduction Systems are in use throughout our facilities with state-of-the-art disinfectant technology to eliminate airborne and surface bacteria and viruses in buildings.
  • Synexis Microbial Reduction Systems are in use within Arthrex airport shuttles, Ovation private dining rooms and public areas of the hotel. They are also available for the parlor area of every
    guest suite, upon request.
  • Temperature checkpoints have been established at the entrance of each Arthrex facility.
  • Hand sanitizers are strategically placed in key areas throughout Arthrex facilities, including building entrances, cafeterias, and desk areas.
  • An air filtration system that uses ultraviolet (UV) light to eliminate unwanted microorganisms has been added to the air circulation system at the Arthrex One building.
  • Non-secure doors are propped open to eliminate the need for human touch and to increase airflow.
  • Cleaning crews are consistently disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles, buttons, work surfaces, restrooms, railings, etc.
  • Physical distancing measures are in place for all public spaces.

Need-to-Know Information for Guests:

  • All guests must undergo a wellness temperature check upon arrival at an Arthrex facility.
  • Do not enter an Arthrex facility if you are sick. If you become ill while on-site, it is imperative to notify an Arthrex representative before leaving.
  • Visitors to Arthrex US facilities are required to wear face coverings.
  • All building occupants must adhere to physical distancing rules (6 foot minimum).
  • Practice frequent hand washing using restroom facilities and/or sanitizer stations throughout the building.



Innovation Hotel, the host hotel, has also instituted policies to ensure a safe environment for its

Innovation Hotel and the facilities on the Arthrex campus utilize Synexis™ microbial reduction technology that creates a safe level of dry hydrogen peroxide, which allows for the natural and continuous reduction of microbial contamination in occupied spaces, minimizing the presence of viruses, bacteria and mold in the air and on surfaces.

In addition to consistent execution of cleaning protocols in both guest rooms and public spaces, our associates take measures to limit physical contact and wash their hands regularly.

Arthrex and the Innovation Hotel want to provide a safe and controlled environment for all employees and guests. With the Arthrex Medical Center located adjacent to the Innovation Hotel, visitors have convenient access to urgent care and testing by the Arthrex medical staff.

To help ensure all who enter the Innovation Hotel experience the safest environment possible, hotel leadership has implemented stringent precautionary systems and practices, which include:

  • Installing Multiple Synexis™ Microorganism Reduction Systems in the dining areas and kitchen. This state-of-the-art disinfectant technology is proven to eliminate airborne and surface bacteria and viruses in buildings. The hotel is also working to expand the use of Synexis to all guest rooms, enhancing guest safety.
  • Hotel employees undergoing daily wellness checks.
  • Hotel employees follow the Arthrex face covering policy.
  • Hotel guests undergo wellness checks upon check-in.
  • Enhanced cleaning measures are in place throughout public areas and guest rooms.
  • Kitchen surfaces are sanitized every hour during operation.
  • Access to the food preparation and dining areas is limited.
  • Service and culinary staff are required to complete ServSafe COVID-19 training for food service.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout all public area spaces.
  • Social distancing measures in place throughout all public spaces.
  • Hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectants are utilized throughout the hotel.

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